Project Description

Have you been looking for simple yet fun way to learn common foods, vegetables, spices names in English?
Here is LeWo Foods!

LeWo Foods is little, simple drag ‘n drop puzzle game about food names. When you achieve to find corrent word, you will see a photo of food itself for better understanding. You can see how many stars you get on levels page and do it again until do it with zero mistakes.

Just a warning by the way, first levels of LeWo Foods might look ‘too easy’ -yet there is no ‘Hamburger’, everybody knows what ‘Hamburger’ is, right? Yummy!- but it gets harder and challenging!

• Simple!
There is no in-app purchases, pop-up payments, impossible levels. Just one word puzzle and a photo.

• Fun!
If you are a kid or a parent which has a kid that needs to learn foods, here is a fun way to do it!

• Easy to play!
You can play it anywhere you like! Just look at the puzzle and drag correct letters to correct spaces.

• iPad and iPhone support!
It doesn’t matter if you have either iPad or iPhone! LeWo Foods works on both just fine.